Woman Torches Car At Gas Station, Claims She’s God

A 29-year old Florida woman lit her car on fire at a gas station in Daytona Beach and if it wasn’t for fast thinking store employees she could have caused a massive explosion of all the pumps.

Eye witnesses report Alexandra Barnes filled her car at the pump then splashed more gas on the car before going into the station to get a cigarette lighter.

Muttering, “I am God,” drew suspicion from the cashier who noticed Barnes had gas on her hand so she took the lighter for her but Barnes was too quick.  She grabbed another and then torched her car.

Panic ensued as people watched the car catch quickly on fire. Other customers noticed two dogs in the car and rescued them while quick thinking employees rushed to turn off the main gas valve moments before the who pump system could have set on fire.

Police are investigating and Barnes is in hospital undergoing mental examination.

As for the gas station, it’s back to business as usual.  [ Source ] [ Picture ]

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