Businessman Stores Body Parts In Warehouse, Dogs Help Him Get Caught

Shortcuts in business don’t always work. And for one businessman in Poland, it could cost him 12 years in jail.

According to Polish television, the unnamed businessman worked for or owned a company who’s job was to dispose of medical waste. With contracts for approximately 300 medical facilities they had a lot of waste to get rid of, like amputated body parts.

Instead of paying for the parts to be incinerated, as is the law and usual practice, the businessman thought it would be better to store these body parts in warehouses to rot away. Cutting costs is always good, isn’t it?

Not when it comes to rotting body parts.

Thanks to stray dogs who were attracted to the smells of the decomposing human flesh, police were alerted to the warehouses and discovered the not so hygienic practice.

Turns out the warehouse wasn’t the first place the put the body parts. Originally they were burying them in a lot but ran out of space so turned to warehouses as the next resort.

The businessman has been charged with endangering public health and faces 12 years in jail… all thanks to 100 tonnes of medical waste (body parts) that the company failed to dispose of correctly.

Hope the money he saved was enough to get himself a really good lawyer.  [ Source ]  [ Picture ]


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