Teen’s Picture Too Hot For Yearbook

It’s seems the days where yearbook pictures were only smiling faces in caps and gowns are gone by the wayside.

Now teens get to pick their own locations, wardrobe and styles and for some these borderline on stripper like poses that would make Courtney Stoddan proud.

However, those pics might not be worthy of the year book.

This is the lesson one Colorado teen is learning after editors of her school’s year book refused to accept her picture.

Wearing only a black scarf as a top and a yellow skirt, 18-year old Sydney Spies, stares seductively at the camera posing on steps. Not a smile to be found on the aspiring model / dancer’s face. It’s a picture her mother says they didn’t really want her to take but points out Spies is 18 and doesn’t always listen to her parents.

Editors for the yearbook say they rejected the picture because it might lessen the quality of the publication.

“We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional,” editor Brian Jaramillo is quoted as saying in the report.

But Spies and her mother think it was school administrators who nixed the pics and say they plan to fight the decision.

Whatever the case, perhaps Spies needs to learn from this lesson and realize some things just aren’t appropriate for school memories.

Would you let your daughter put that picture in her yearbook?

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