Fathers Fistfight On Father’s Day

Ahhhhh… Father’s Day. BBQ’s, golf and fight fights?

Perhaps not the perfect recipe for all, but for two father’s in London, Ontario this is what Father’s Day became after they got into a heated argument at their daughter’s soccer game.

It’s not clear if the girls play on the same team, however, it seem the dispute started at the last game and when the two came together in the bleachers for another game on Father’s Day the disagreement escalated.

Punches started flying, one Dad landed his in the others face and just kept going. Police came, one Dad was sent to the hospital the other charged with assault causing bodily harm. And I’m betting this will be a Father’s Day that will be remembered more than any other one in their respective family histories.

What an amazing way to teach your children anger management skills.  *eye rolls*  [ Source ]

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