Air Sex is a real thing!

Since the summer of 2009, Air Sex World has been touring more than 14 cities with their Air Sex championship which consists of a bunch of participants “acting out” sexual acts much like playing air guitar. They are judged by a panel of air sexperts (insert smiley face here) including some sex industry professionals and local comedians.

Last week-end for example, Air Sex World rocked out Manhattan’s Cutting Room by having some of America’s finest dry humpers and karaoke addicts compete for first place. This year’s winner was returning champion Jam Out With My Clam Out (JOWMCO?) who simulated the death of her husband and using some kind of sexual air-prowess to revive him though his dead penis, according to the description, “sans-teeth” which is not only odd, but more than excessively weird

Click here for the video, which does contain some adult language and incredibly strange sexual content as well as an unbelievable amount of dry-humping.

Analysts will point out that the video doesn’t do anything worse than the average hip-hop or pop video, and they’re absolutely correct which says a lot more about our society’s astoundingly low standards than the actual Air Sex thing does.

It’s not clear what the winner of the competition takes home, an Air Dildo?


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