Egyptian Tomb Statue Spinning In Locked Case, Could Be Paranormal Activity

A statue that has been in the Manchester Museum for 80 years has started spinning in it’s locked case and no one really knows why.

It was recovered from a mummy’s tomb, so if you think like the Ancient Egyptians did then the statuette is moving because it’s mummy is gone. Belief is the statues that were placed inside the tombs can be a carrier for the soul inside the mummy if the mummy was destroyed.

Or if you want something more scientifically based it could be that the vibrations from people walking inside the museum during the day are slowly shifting the tomb like statue. However, one then needs to ask why is it the other statuettes in the case don’t move and why is it this has never happened before in the 79 years?

You watch. You decide. Proof the paranormal and life after death exists? Or perhaps a vibrational activity?  The time-lapse camera catches the moving statue mystery in action.  [ Source ]

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