Brazilian man killed after falling cow crashes through roof and crushes him

falling cow

From what I hear Brazil is a lovely country to visit, but like any foreign land it comes with its own set of dangers. Violence and high crime rates have plagued the South American country, and now there’s another peril that presents to both tourists and Brazilian nationalists alike.

Falling cows.

Earlier this month 45-year-old Joao Maria de Souza was lounging in his bed with his wife in the Brazilian town of Caratinga when a cow that had been grazing on a hill behind de Souza’s house stepped on the abode’s roof and broke through. The free falling bovine missed de Souza’s wife completely but landed directly on her husband crushing him in the process. While de Souza survived the initial impact, he passed away the next day from internal bleeding, the result of waiting too long to go to hospital despite having a one ton falling cow land on him.

Amazingly enough this is the third such incident in the Caratinga region of cows falling into houses. The first time no one was home when the cow crashed through the roof, however the second time it happened the animal narrowly missed crushing a small child and baby. Seeing that this is the third time a cow has fallen through the roof of the house—and the first time it has resulted in a fatality—maybe the residentsof Caratinga might want to use a little of their Brazilian common sense and reinforce their existing the tops of their existing dwellings.



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