Baby Found Alive Minutes Before Being Taken To Mourge

It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions for Jenifer da Silva Gomes and her husband, Cleverson Carlos Gomes, after their newborn baby girl was pronounced dead then found to be alive hours later. It was only minutes before the grandmother was set to take the baby to the mourge.

Little Yasmin Gomes was born and breathing fine, according to doctors at the hospital in Londrina, south Brazil when suddenly she stopped breathing. Doctors spent an hour trying to resuscitate the infant but couldn’t and she was pronounced dead at 11a.m.

“My world crashed down right then. It was the most desperate moment when all my dreams were snatched away.” mom Jennifer told media.

A death certificate was issued but instead of putting baby Yasmin in the refrigerated morgue in the hospital she was bathed, clothed, and brought to the hospital chapel where she was laid on the alter, in a box, by nurse Nurse Ana Claudia Oliveira. It was her idea to do this because she couldn’t bear to bring the baby to the morgue right away.

“She’s a little angel, a child. I just couldn’t face the thought of her being sent down to the morgue.” she said, adding when she dressed her there was no doubt in her mind the child wasn’t alive.  “I can assure you, the child was dead. Her pupils didn’t respond to light. All her signs pointed to the complete absence of life… “I saw it with my own eyes. She was blue all over, completely dead,”

Dad Celverson went to the chapel to see his little girl.

“I saw my daughter’s pale, lifeless body. I couldn’t stay there. I ran out of the chapel in tears.”

Little Yasmin was left in the chapel for another couple of hours until her grandmother arrived with a family friend to bring her to the city morgue around 2p.m. This is when the miracle happened – they lifted her and Yasmin kicked her leg then opened her eyes.

At first doctors and nurses didn’t believe the little girl was alive, saying the kicks were just muscle spasms. But when baby Yasmin opened her eyes there was no denying she was indeed back from the dead.

According the the Daily Mail UK:

Doctor Aurelio Filipak, who battled to save Yasmin and signed her death certificate, said: “People can make their own conclusions, but only those who were there know what really happened.

“In 20 years of medicine, I have never witnessed anything like this.”


Baby Yasmin is doing fine in hospital as are her mom and dad after the initial shock of losing their child and getting her back in the same day.  It seems that sometimes miracles do indeed happen.  [ Source. ]

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