Haircut police soon in effect in Quebec’s Outaouais region

The Canadian province of Quebec has been undergoing scrutiny of late because of alleged corruption scandals all over the place, some time ago MacLeans, a leading public affairs magazine had a cover story where they stated that Quebec was the corruption capital of Canada.

Even after the Quebec political class applied lots of pressure on MacLeans they refused to retract the story.

Now, after being told that Montreal interim mayor Mr.Applebaum will receive a severance pay of $268,000. Applebaum was interim mayor for just under 6 months, he resigned in June after being charged with 14 counts of corruption.

But now, we discover that the Quebec Ministry of Labour will raise the minimum price for a haircut in the Outaouais region from 15$, to 17$. Incredibly, the same gang, Quebec’s Ministry of Energy, had refused to create a law which would fix a bottom and roof price for gasoline stating that: “We will not interfere in open business competition.”

The price increase will be in effect starting in 2016, presumably to give local authorities the time to devise a procedure which would enable them to enforce it.

So it’s with that law that it becomes illegal for parents to give their kids a “bowl” haircut as it was usual in the 1970s because the haircut would then be “free” and thereby illegal. It’s actually stated that if you decide to cut your neighbour’s hair in your basement for say, 10$, you are thereby breaking the law and may be prosecuted by the haircut police.

Quebec, we now have a haircut police. Wheeeewhooowheeewhoo!


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