Restaurant Told To Make Waitresses Wear Clothes

The Redneck Heaven restaurant in Lewisville, Texas, has a lot of regulars. They love the food, the friendly staff and the Anything But Clothes nights.

On those nights, the theme is not intended for the customers but rather it’s the dress code for the staff. All young, beautiful ladies, the ABC nights allow them to express their creativity when it comes to the stuff they use to cover their bodies. It could be candy. It could be body paint or perhaps a big piece of cardboard. But they aren’t allowed to wear clothes.

However, like all good things Redneck Heaven’s ABC nights have been ordered to end.

Yes, lawmakers of Texas have ordered the restaurant to make sure all wait staff are fully clothed every night of the week after getting a complaint about the scantily clad ladies.

While the restaurant does plan to comply with the ruling, they posted their disapproval to Facebook writing “Well behaved women seldom make history.” Not sure if the Redneck Heaven was trying to make history or make dollars with their ABC nights, but the post got an awful lot of support from regulars who are definitely going to miss the pasties.  [ Source. ]

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