Man’s Sues Doctor For His 8-Month Erection, Loses

An American man has lost his lawsuit against the doctor who gave him a penile implant and he’s not happy about it.

Truck driver Daniel Metzgar, 44, of Newark, Delaware, was suing urologist Thomas Desperito on the basis of negligence. You see, Dr. Desperito gave Metzgar a penile implant. However, the penile implant caused Metzgar’s member to get an erection that lasted for 8-months. No rest for the wicked here.

The condition was highly embarrassing for Metzgar so he withdrew himself from family functions, sports outings with his step kids and had constant discomfort.

“I could hardly dance, with an erection poking my partner,” media reports Metzgar told jurors at the start of the trial. “It’s not something you want to bring out at parties and show to friends.”

It was about 4-months after the implant that the condition started. With swelling in his penis, Metzgar went to the hospital where they took x rays and found the implant was causing the disorder. However, this is how the defense got the good doctor off.

Arguing the staff at the hospital aren’t experts in penile implants, the defense attorney succeeded in convincing the jury there was no negligence on the part of the doctor.

The implant had to be removed because it was pinching the scrotum and another doctor replaced it with no complications with the second one.

Obviously, the 8-month erection victim was stunned he lost his case. So was his lawyers. One could say it was an anti-climatic finish for them both.

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