New Fad Of Breastfeeding Photos Not New, Started 200 Years Ago

Think the new fad of moms getting professional pictures taken while they’re breastfeeding is just 21st century feminism at it’s best, think again.

It’s actually started roughly 200 years ago, back in the Victorian Era.

According to Jill Lepore, author of The Mansion of Happiness, during the mid 1800’s breastfeeding your child was seen as a sign of prosperity and more importantly a “measure of the mother’s worth.”

While the Moms in the photos still have that grim faced, no smile look that was deemed beautiful at the time, the babies and toddlers are latched on contently getting their feed.

Would have been nice if the fad hadn’t gone away for a while and been replaced with formula fed babies. At least now the way of the breast is on the rise again. And everything old becomes new again.  [ Source.  ]

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