Woman Throws Allegedy Mistress Off Cliff, Caught On CCTV

There’s nothing like a woman scorned and indeed it seems hell hath no fury like it.

In Peru, a woman threw her husband’s supposed mistress off a cliff after finding out about the 6-month affair. It was all caught on video and is now making internet rounds (which is totally what we do in this digital era.)

The camera shows the husband and the lover were talking at the top of the cliff which lead into a ravine 20 feet below when the supposed mistress turns around and looks over her shoulder. That’s when we see wife, Lissette Lupo Mamani, storm up, confront the woman and drag her to the edge of the cliff and push her off.

As soon as the fight started, hubby dearest takes off showing just who wears the pants in his relationship… and how much he cares about the other woman.  Seriously, who does that? Runs away and doesn’t try to stop one person from throwing another off a cliff?

Mistress survived with only a few cuts and bruises and she’s also denying the affair.  Hopefully she’ll be denying any contact with the cowardly husband as well.  No word on if the missus was charged or if she’s forgiven her husband for the betrayal. Something tells me no one’s gonna mess with him again.  [Source. ]



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