Teacher Fired For Student Abuse and Masturbation

There’s tons of stories out of Asia about how students are over worked, study too hard and are often berated by teachers. Rulers are still used as hitting sticks and corporal punishment is deemed a suitable form of disciplinary punishment in many areas.

However, the actions of one unnamed teacher in South Korea goes beyond anything in the realms of usual student abuse.

The 55-year old teacher at a school in Seoul found a student was listening to music in class. As is the norm to some in the school system in that country, the teacher beat the student (it’s not known if it was a female or male student) but then took things a step farther.

He went outside the classroom, stood in the hall, dropped his pants and began to masturbate. (Apparently the urge to do this was overwhelming after the beating.)

Now, the teacher is denying this happened but other students or teachers at the school got pictures of the teacher doing it. Police are investigating and so far say medical examinations aren’t pointing to any illness as a factor in the bizarre and perverse behavior.

Unnamed teacher has been fired and charged with causing bodily harm to a student as well as public exposure. And I’m guessing he’s been lynch mobbed by people in the area who know who he really is.

So glad my bad teachers just got off on being mean.  [ Source]

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