Son Beats Disabled Father Over Kool Aid Dispute

In the world of the best son ever ridiculous domestic abuse cases…

A 22-year old Florida man punched his disabled father several times in the head because the man told him he was making the Kool Aid wrong.

Brandon Antron Crosley lives with his 47-year old dad, who is permanently disabled from a car accident in 2004. Apparently Corsley took issue to the fact his dad thought he was making the coveted powdered drink mix wrong and the two got into an argument.

From there, Crosley erupted with anger, punching his father in the head a few times before taking off.

Police came and found Crosley in a neighbours.

Crosley is charged with felony domestic battery and is being help on $1000 bail.  If Kool Aid makes him act that way, perhaps he should be banned from the sugary, chemical filled drink mix… seems it makes him just a wee bit crazy.  [ Source. ]


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