Mom Pretends To Be Teen Daughter To Take Exam, Fails

Being told you look like your daughter’s sister is a huge compliment for any mother. But trying to pretend you are her so you can take her exam for you is just plain stupid. The Thing is no matter how young you look, you still aren’t a teenager anymore.

It’s a lesson a 52-year old Parisian woman learned, after she tried to dress up in disguise as her 19-year old daughter and take her English exam for her. Yes, the woman thought she could pretend she was 33 years younger. Apparently she thinks she’s drinking from the fountain of youth.

The exam is very important in France for entrance into universities.

Obviously, it didn’t work. Mommy dearest, dressed in low waist jeans, converse sneakers and lots of make-up, spent the two hours writing the exam while school officials called police who met her as she handed it in. Mommy is charged with fraud and daughter is banned from writing the exam again for five years… plenty of time to study up for the English exam in 2018.  [ Source ]

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