Wife Cutting Off Penis Best Thing To Happen To John Wayne Bobbitt, So He Says

“Being famous for my penis has given me opportunities I could not have ever imagined.”John Wayne Bobbitt told media 20-years after his then wife cut off his member for alleged domestic abuse and cheating.

Bobbitt’s wife, Lorena, had severed his penis while he slept and threw it in a field. Finding his penis, doctor’s spent 10-hours reattaching it. And the whole ordeal became a huge media story, gaining popularity around the world.

Thanks to this popularity, radio/ TV host Howard Stern contacted Bobbitt and offered to pay for penis enlargement surgery. The former US marine accepted the offer to add a “bigger engine” to his penis and took that to the adult film world. Starring in two porno’s – Frankenpenis and Uncut – Bobbitt says he’s had sex with roughly 70 women since his first wife tried to take his sex life away.

Since then, Bobbitt’s been married twice, charged with domestic battery twice and has left the world of porn. He now lives in his hometown of Niagara Falls, N.Y. where he works as a carpenter and is a regular church goer.

Seems cutting off that member has brought Bobbitt around the bend and back. More than once.  [ Source ]

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