Sudoku Puzzle On Gravestone Lowers Standards, Widow Told

When Angela Robinson’s mathematician husband died, she wanted to pay tribute to her puzzle obsessed love by adding a sudoku puzzle on his tombstone. It was a personal touch for the man she had raised a family with.

But then the British woman received a letter from town officials in Chester, Cheshire, where she lives, telling her the puzzle on the headstone lowers the standards of the graveyard.

“He was a bit of a fanatic but this is personal to him. How can they possibly say what we have put on there is lowering standards?” she told the Mirror Newspaper.

Her son, Paul, agrees and says town officials are being petty.

“In what way is this remotely offensive, of concern or even matters in any way?” he asked.

Perhaps they are all jealous they didn’t think of a more personal way to honor their loved ones who’ve passed on.

Do you think it’s lowering standards? So far online polls say no way.  [Picture.]


About the author: NJ Sullivan


A freelance writer & radio announcer with a general love for the bizarre, the weird and the unique.



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