Woman Arrested After Baby Found Living In Trunk Of Car For More Than 1-Year

An unnamed woman in France is under arrest and charged with child abuse after mechanics found a naked and shivering baby girl in the trunk of her car.

The child is thought to be between the ages of 12  – 23 months and seems to have been living there for as long as she’s been alive.

*sobs, cries wtf???*

Although not all details are available, it seems the 45-year old mother told no one about her pregnancy or the birth of the little girl. Not her husband, not her friends. No one. And she hid the child, which she obviously did care for to keep her alive, in the trunk of her car to keep the secrets.

One neighbor in the woman’s hometown of Brignac-la-Plaine, Limousin says:

“They are people like any others and not dirty.”

“I went to their house several times and there was never any trace of a baby. We never noticed that she was pregnant.”


The child has been taken into care and the woman’s husband was also arrested later that same night for driving his scooter while drunk.

Hopefully the baby gets a lot of love and attention to make up for the hours she spent locked in the trunk of the car.

I mean, who does this? What was the woman expecting to do when the baby got even bigger. The poor thing.  It’s so sad. Stories like these make me want to rush over to my daughter’s school and smoother her face with kisses and hug her until my muscles get weak. [ Source ]


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