• 500x_apple-1

    Man Sues Apple For Not Protecting Him From Porn

    We’ve heard of people suing fast food restaurants for making them fat. Now it’s the lawsuit from the man in Nashville against Apple the company for not putting porn filters on their products to protect people from watching porn. Collectively now… wtf? Seriously, Chris Sevier is a lawyer who...
  • bass player

    Bassist’s Craigslist Ad Could Be Funniest Ever, Goes Viral

    Thanks to The Daily Swarm for sharing this Craigslist ad from a bassist looking for work. It’s an ad that any aspiring and professional musician, actor, writer, painter, artist of anytime can appreciate, mostly for it’s arrogance, demands and well blatant egotism. It reads: Bass Player Available NOW (Nashville...
  • freespeech

    Mimes’ protest for free speech falls on deaf ears

    The last few months have been riddled with worldwide rallies and protests, with unruly crowds singing, shouting, and acting out in defiance of oppressive governments and backward legislation. And then, in Nashville, the mimes got involved. The Nashville Comedy Theater rallied outside the Rutherford County Courthouse, evidently standing up...