Rhinestone B-boy Charged With Felonious Dancing

Cheektowaga, Buffalo: A teenager is likely ruing his decision to break dance at a house party while he was intoxicated – his dancing was so bad that it resulted in him being charged with a felony.

Police say the teenager was wearing a diamond belt buckle when he showcased his moves. He inadvertently causing $3000 worth of damage when it gouged hardwood floor.

The Associated Press reports that the party was party was hosted by an 18-year-old girl in a home in the small town of Elma, which is a short distance from Buffalo. By all accounts, the owner of the home was away on vacation at the time.

Police said they’ve arrested a teenager who caused thousands of dollars in damage to a western New York home’s hardwood floor by break dancing on it while wearing a large diamond belt buckle.

The rhinestone B-boy was arrested at his home in Cheektowaga, Buffalo on charges of felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor trespassing.




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