Wealthy Inebriate Misplaced Lamborghini

People lose all kinds of things when they are drunk: pride, self respect, and it would seem, $200,000 sports cars.

A British jury believed 35-year-old Glenn Knowles and 39-year-old Richard Mant when the two men told the court that Knowles lost the Lamborghini Gallardo that they share when he went out for a night on the drink.

The Telegraphy reports that Knowles said that he was “drinking heavily and going through a bad time” around the time that the vehicle was lost. On the night in question he said that had picked up the key’s from Mant’s home in Epsom, Surrey and driven towards Gillingham, Kent, where he joined his parents for a drink in a pub. That is where things appear to have gotten a little hazy.

Knowles had taken the car without telling Mant, and his neighbor had informed him about the car being driven away. When Mant called Knowles, Knowles claimed that he didn’t know where the car was.

What happened after the pub visit is a mystery, Knowles claimed that he did not remember. He conceded that he might have driven drunk to Rochester, where he consumed more alcohol, but doesn’t think that he drove it to his next watering hole in Maidstone. He got home from Maidstone by taxi and slipped the keys into Mant’s house without telling anyone what had happened. A tracking device that was installed on the car was of no help, as it failed to locate the vehicle.

Knowles seems to have a history of drunken car losses. The jury heard that he had once misplaced a Mercedes Benz, which was later found parked behind a nightclub.




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