Brazilian authorities detain self-pantsing United pilot

A 49-year-old United Airlines pilot was detained by authorities after he dropped his pants during a routine security screening at Rio de Janeiro Airport.

It has been alleged that when asked to remove his belt and shoes, pilot Michael D. Slynn gave security screeners more than they bargained for… as he laughed and lowered his pants to his ankles.

Slynn was briefly detained but was allowed to fly back to Washington D.C. after formally promising to appear before a judge the next time he returned to Brazil. Federal Police Chief Rafael Andreatta was quoted as saying that Slynn “did not respect security rules and made fun of officers.” United Airlines have said that they are investigating the matter.

While Slynn’s response might seem extreme, anyone who has probably witnessed a little bit of overzealous security screening. I think of this as more as a case of a man standing up for a little commonsense than that of a man who is old enough to know better making a complete ass of himself. All things considered, I for one find Slynn’s actions somewhat admirable.


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