Chinese computer maniac dead, tombstone kinda funny

A previously unknown Chinese computer maniac -I hate the word NERD, possibly for being one myself- Hu Chuang has died, so his family decided to honor his memory (pun), by having a granite computer made and by using it as a tombstone.

I think I speak for everyone here at We Interrupt when I say that I’m glad they didn’t put a webcam inside the coffin. It’s not unusual for family members to honor their departed with eccentric tombstones or burials. These have previously been found mostly in Europe and parts of South America, and the vast majority of them, depicted football (soccer) symbolism.

In Canada and parts of the USA there have also been reports of epitaphs stating a preference for certain hockey teams, or stones that had a decidedly icy penchant.

What is odd about this particular case though is that Mr. Chuang died AT his computer, while emailing some friends. One has to wonder how important that email was and what he died of.

Whatever it was that killed him, let’s hope he remembered to save before signing off.

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