Egyptian Army shields protesters from police, or does it?

Every popular uprising has a tipping point – the moment when festering resentment either reaches critical mass and topples an unpopular government or conversely, when the unpopular government reminds the rebellious masses why they are in charge. Egypt is rapidly approaching one of those two conclusions, which will it be?

The Egyptian Army was called in a couple of days ago, but protesters have not seemed deterred by their arrival. The reason, it seems, is one of class. The rank and file of the country’s military is largely comprised of people from poorer circumstances – people like those who are protesting… and word on the street seems to be that the people have the Army’s support.

Now, while this video has been held up as evidence of that support, it should be pointed out that the machine guns on the APCs were pointed at the crowd and not at the squad of riot police armed with shotguns on the other side of the vehicles.

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