Megachurch pastor Ted Haggard: “I bought the drugs to enhance masturbation”

ted haggard

ted haggardIn one of his more candid interviews for GQ, disgraced Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard speaks at length about his experience with methamphetamine, masturbation, and masturbating while on methamphetamine.

Haggard doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and although his stories aren’t nearly as sordid as some caught practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation, he still knows how to shock an audience.  At one point he mentions that he doesn’t want to say “Hey, I’m a masturbation guy!” but that’s almost exactly what he does, as he details the role of meth in masturbating to porn.  He denies ever having “sex sex” with transsexual dealer Mike Jones, but admits to having purchased a “massage” along with his drugs.

Little of this is breaking news – Mike Jones alleged that Ted Haggard bought drugs and massages in November of 2006, and these allegations were brought up in the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp.  But until now, Haggard has been fairly silent about the actuality of events.

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  • Cjnsmom
    30 January 2011 at 5:55 am
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    Could you Ted Haggard just shut up already? You have disgraced yourself enough and hurt the Christian faith with your stupidity. I hate that I was ever a part of your congregation! Your salt has definitely lost its savor!

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