For Sale: Car with the number 23 on everything.

Attention all you soccer fans, or is that football fans? 

Apparently the english soccer god otherwise known as David Beckham has decided its time to move on. That means of course, its time to get rid of the 2 year-old $100, 000 matte black Porsche 911 Convertible Turbo.

The superstar’s supercar had another $50,000 spent on it after it was purchased to add a customised package unique to the star. The LA Galaxy footballer had his number 23 stitched into the leather seats, in the carpet, as well as engraved on the steering wheel and the expensive wheel rims, to personalise the vehicle.

Although it was reported that Beckham sold the vehicle some time ago, the car has ended up in the hands of a Californian car dealership, Chequered Flag, who promptly listed it on ebay.

Spokesman Neil Jaffe said:

This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a unique supercar with unparalleled celebrity history.

The Daily Mail in the UK reports that the Porsche has blacked out headlights, heated front seats, a six-disc CD changer and a built-in satellite navigation system.

Presently, bids have only reached $134,000. Probably not as high as the dealership wants, but I’d imagine there would be a relatively small market for someone who has an equally famous association with the number 23.

Clearly the dealership is keen to cash in on the god like status of the player, but time will tell if the American car collectors truly undertand the value of such a find. Then again, perhaps they do. 

The Beckham’s have a reputation for liking cars. Other cars they own include a £300,000 Rolls Royce, a pair of top of the range £100,000 Porsches – a black one and a white one, a Cadillac Escalade and a $40,000 off-road Jeep.

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