Attack of the killer cow leaves Florida man critically injured

Poor Oscar Wilcox of St. Lucie County, Florida.  The 70-year-old was out mending a section of fence at his ranch when the unthinkable happened—he was attacked by a crazed, bloodthirsty…cow?

Yes, cow.

But this was no ordinary cow.  No sir, this was a lean, mean, unkillable machine, with 12-18 inch horns, and one bad attitude.  How unkillable was this cow?  Not even multiple gunshots, some to the animal’s face, and being hit by a truck could stop this thing.

Wilcox’s wife told a deputy that her husband was working on a fence in the pasture when she heard him scream. She drove into the pasture and saw a cow “attacking” her husband.

“She was able to hit the cow several times with the truck to get it off of her husband,” the report states.

Wilcox apparently had shot the cow, listed as a crossbred with 12- to 18-inch horns, with a .22 caliber pistol, but apparently dropped or lost the weapon during the attack.

His wife picked up the pistol and shot the cow several times in the face, driving the animal away. The pistol was loaded with “ratshot,” or cartridges having a number of extremely small pellets instead of a single, solid projectile.

Mr. Wilcox was transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute in Fort Pierce where he is currently listed as being in critical condition.



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