Can food court trays have more bacteria than gas station toilets?

Following up on our article from a few weeks ago, when we all learned to wash our hands after using the ATM, we’ve now discovered, that food court trays may have more bacteria than gas station toilets. Yum!

According to Bob Hancock’s work, after swabbing the food court trays, and the toilet seats in a few random gas stations, he found that they both had similar amounts of bacteria, including some dangerous ones called Acinetobacter.

Fun fact about Acinetobacter is that it’s one of the known “superbugs’ that are resistant to antibacterial agents and antibiotics. You know, when Lysol (among others) claims to be 99.9% effective? Well, Acinetobacter are part of the surviving .1% bacterias. Some people are claiming that antibacterial soaps and other cleaning agents, are quite bad, because since they only kill 99.9% of bacteria, the remaining .1% is thereby forced to abide by the old overused cliché: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Sadly for us then, those surviving bacteria are similar to Louis, Bill, Zoey and Francis who as we all know, make their way in a zombie infected world; They are obviously tougher than the dead ones.

So the next time you drop your drinking straw off the side of your napkin, on your tray, you might not want to stick it in your mouth. Instead, consider getting a new straw, unless of course someone swabs the straw dispensers, and discovers that they had previously been touched by something even more virulent than Acinetobacters; Children.

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