Couple Wed During Marathon Race

When Amanda Krischner, 28, and David Guzman, 30, prepared for their wedding day it probably sounded like this: Wedding rings? Check. Vows? Check. Running shoes? Check.

Avid runners who’ve done 10 marathon runs together decided the best way to legalize their lifelong commitment to each was during another stamina testing race. Kind of like the stamina needed to keep their world in a state of wedded bliss.

The bride wore a white running skirt, a veil over her ponytail and a shirt labeled “Bride” while the groom donned a black tuxedo-print T-shirt. Then at the 22.5 mile (36km) mark of the Texas’ LiveStong Austin Marathon they exchanged vows and finished the last 3.5 miles (6km) as husband and wife.

Once finished the newly wed Kirschner gushed,

“I feel actually better now than at mile 22.5 because we’re done…. Running is a huge part of both our lives. It seems really perfect for us. Running is such a glue.”


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