If you thought SPAM was bad, wait ’till you taste Spammy

Are you a starving Guatemalan orphan? No? Then you may have to wait awhile to sample Hormel’s newest food-based edible substitute, Spammy.

The new product was designed to help combat malnourishment in the poverty-stricken nation of Guatemala. According to the Austin Daily Herald, “To ensure that Spammy is used only by those enrolled in the anti-hunger program, a family has to return previously used cans in order for them to receive another month’s worth of the spread.”

Said one Guatemalan child to his mother, “Another month?”

Spammy joins a delectable pedigree of other heavyweights in luncheon-meat giant’s stable, including SPAM Hot & Spicy, SPAM with Cheese, SPAM Garlic, SPAM Golden Honey Grail, SPAM Lite, SPAM Classic, and SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM . . . [The Star]

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