Man gets Mini penis tattoo to win car by same name

It may say Mini... but don't call it small....

A 39-year old German man did what most men would never dream of doing. He tattooed the name “Mini” on his penis so he could win one.

It was all part of a radio contest where the listener willing to pull the craziest stunt could win the brand new car – a Mini Cooper valued at roughly $40,000. When Andreas Muller proposed branding his penis “Mini” station reps chose him, saying he won by “… a short head.”

Listeners could hear Muller’s cries of pain as he got his tattoo during a live show. But the German man insists the pain was worth it since he’ll soon be sitting in his new car.

So far there’s no comment on how fitting the word Mini is for his member but it could offer some serious ammunition for exes both future and past. [Metro]

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