Man survives 1000-foot fall from mountain

Thirty-six-year-old Adam Potter went “down” to the 3589-foot summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor. Somewhere near the top things went catastrophically wrong; Potter lost his footing and fell…

and fell…

and fell…

In his own words:

I tried to slow myself down on the ice and snow. I was jabbing my feet, my hands or anything to try to slow myself down, but each time I lost speed I would go over a bit of cliff.

His girlfriend Kate Berry, 30, and friends Helen and Jeremy Anson could only watch in horror.

However, Potter claims it was just like being on a park slide, only longer and more painful. Stunned rescuers found him standing up, while reading a map. He did sustain some relatively serious injuries beyond the cuts, scratches and bruises, he has broken his back in three places but is not confined to a chair.

He was quoted as saying: “I have had worse cuts while shaving!”.

His next goal? Mt Everest – which he hopes to conquer in March (providing he can recover in time). [Daily Record]


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