Albany IT worker sits out workplace lottery pool; They win 319M$!

Why did he sit it out? When asked TWICE, he replied he wasn’t feeling lucky. I guess he really wasn’t lucky! His seven work pals were in the pool and won a collective 319M$ cutting him out of a potential 16M$ pot, after taxes.

They all worked for the IT dept at the state Homes and Community Renewal agency. I really can’t imagine being in the position of pompously having declined to participate in a group lottery pool, only to then be forced to live the rest of my life known as “The chap, who didn’t participate in the winning lottery pool.” I know that when our lottery lady comes by and requests 2$, I’m more than happy to scour my pockets, back-sac, socks and fanny bag for extra change.

So our We Interrupt to give you a tip for this week is: Next time your office lottery pool lady (it’s always a lady, not really sure why…) comes around, don’t ask yourself “Are you feeling lucky? Punk!”, just agree and give your dollar to the nice lady. I know I do! Seriously though, I wish him all the best and hope he’s nowhere near a bridge or a railway, works on the ground floor, and has a good doctor ready to prescribe plenty of Prozac or Lithium.

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