Another “Meanwhile in Japan” moment – Human Shaped Cell Phones

Earlier this month, scientists at the Osaka University announced their development of human shaped cell phones, that feel like real human skin. Yes, you’ve read that right. Human shaped cell phones that feel like real human skin. So naturally, some of the questions that have come to mind are, for instance, how did they achieve the exact texture and feel of human skin, how they plan on recharging it, what cell phone carrier will launch this product, and also, the more obvious why?

Well, they say, that a human shaped cell phone, that feels like human skin will make you feel closer to the person you are talking with, over the phone. Especially when talking to the telemarketer or the IT support team that was outsourced to India, Poland or Belarus, or better, your beloved ex-wife or mother-in-law.

I’m kinda worried that their next product might be a plug-in for this phone, that will enable diseases to travel and be transmitted over it. Diseases like Chlamydia, Herpes, H1N1 and the more common flu. This would then enable them to develop, cell phone condoms that will prevent such infections.

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