Iran announces the world’s first flying saucer

In a remarkable move, scientists in Iran, a country more renowned for being unwilling participants in Hollywood blockbusters, than for their technological program, have announced that they’ve built a fully functional aircraft they call a flying saucer. They claim it is designed to carry reconnaissance, aerial imagery and other scouting equipment, but oddly, they’ve also announced that it can fly indoors.

This led some to theorize, that what they’ve in fact done, is affix a wi-fi webcam to an RC “Flying Saucer” with duct tape or rope, and called it the world’s first fully functional flying saucer. Iran didn’t comment the claim that supposedly, as they purchased the above parts at The Dollar Tree, they would also have acquired a jar of Vaseline, a toy robot, Cotton Candy, Justin Bieber stickers and some latex gloves.

Disappointingly though, they presented us with the picture (above) of what appears to be a radio controlled Helicopter, with a wi-fi webcam attached to it with. Using duct tape and rope? Maybe.

That is the actual picture made public by the way. In another bold move, they’ve decided to name the scout plane Zohal, which is Iranian for Saturn. This led some to further theorize, the scout plane, is also made of plastic, and is manufactured in Spring Hill by ex-GM workers.

Coming from a belligerous country that boasted in 2009, to have shot down a UFO, the announcement of a Flying Saucer shaped scout plane, could unsettle some other countries that might have assumed Iran, reverse-engineered that UFO’s technology to create their own craft. Incidentally, in case you’ve not seen any Hollywood movies lately, shooting down a UFO, will be the best way to start an alien invasion when The Grays arrive.

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