Man Has Shootout with Police because of 50 Cent Price Increase of Taco Bell Burrito

Inflation irks us all. But for one American man the 50cent price range of his Beefy Crunch Burrito lead to a 3-hour standoff with police last Sunday. And yes, guns were fired.

Richardo Jones, 37, ordered seven of the Taco Bell burritos at the Rigsby Road drive-thru in San Antonio. Infuriated by the price increase from 99cents to $1.49 he yelled at staff. Apparently the extra $3.50 was too much to stomach.

Staff told manager, Brain Tillerson, there was an angry customer so when Jones got to the takeout window Tillerson explained the 99cent price was a limited time promotion that had finished. That’s when the raging bull came flying out of Jones.

Shooting an air rifle at Tillerson, Jones then drove into the restaurant parking lot. He stopped and waved a rifle and pistol over the hood of the car. Panic came over customers inside the fast-food chain as they screamed and hid under tables.

Police were called and Jones sped off. The whole first encounter taking roughly five minutes.

Two miles away police caught up with Jones. When they pulled him over he got out of the car with rifle in hand. Shots were fired and a cop car windshield was smashed.

Jones then took off in his car and police chased him to the Rodeway Inn, a nearby motel, where Jones hid in one of the rooms and the standoff began.

It was 3 o’clock. Sharpshooters took roost on rooftops. Some businesses and motel rooms were evacuated. The SWAT team was called in. A negotiator called to Jones to come out saying no one needs to get hurt. Just like the movies. But unlike most movies Jones stayed where he was – maybe even eating the burritos that instigated the whole thing.

At 6:30p.m. the SWAT team used tear gas to successful get Jones out of the hotel room. Once out police arrested Jones and confiscated the guns which all turned out to be air powered. Essentially he causing fear and chaos with glorified BB guns.

Jones is now charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault against a public servant and bail is set at $50,000. Since the guns were air powered police say they can’t be sure Jones is responsible for the bullet that shattered a police car windshield.

When interviewed by media the store manager, Tillerson, later said:

“The weird thing is he was here a week ago around the same time last Sunday. He yelled at me then too.”

Which leads to the conclusion that Jones either has some serious anger management issues or is highly addicted to fast-food and was going through some serious junkie withdrawls.

One thing is certain – Jones won’t be getting much Taco Bell where he’s going. [San Antonio Express]

Special thanks to Monica M. for the news tip.


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