Triple suns photographed over China!

In what had to have been a spectacular display of astronomical proportions, photos and video of not one, not two, but three suns over Suichuan County in China. The phenomenon is obviously an optical illusion due to the refraction of the sun either onto the clouds or ocean, from snow or rain. A bit like a more elaborate rainbow effect than what you’d ordinarily get from a normal rainbow.

Speaking of astronomical optical illusions, a couple of weeks ago, I took a photo of a fortuitous event, a plane had just passed overhead and thetemperature outside was around -25°C so the air was crisp and dry. The plane was leaving a humidity trail and it happened to pass in front of the full moon. Enjoy the resulting photo, of what looks like a galaxy taken from a low angle.

Imagine the coincidence; full moon, vapor trail from the plane, crisp air and positioning.

Still, that goes to say that what you see, is not always what you think you saw, and sometimes three suns are just as good as one!

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