Woman rewarded for donating kidney to stranger by losing her job

Pictured here is Amy Donahue, a Phoenix woman on the receiving end of a bum deal, after she lost her job because she failed to meet the monthly sales goals.  Her reason—she took a few days off work, about seven sick days and personal days in total, to prepare herself to donate a kidney to a woman she hadn’t even met.

A likely story. (Ed. note: sarcasm!)

Donahue was an employee at Garnett Local when she heard about the plight of the mother of Kirti Dwivedi, who suffered from chronic kidney disease.  She was so moved by the woman’s story, she offered up her kidney to the woman she had never even seen in person.

“I take full responsibility. How can I not say I’ve been distracted? Because I’ve got a big thing going on in my life,” Donahue said.

So, instead of being down one kidney, you’re also down one job.  In this difficult economic climate, does Donahue have any regrets?

“Heck no. Hell no. I couldn’t regret that,” she said.

Well good on her.  Methinks the only pangs of regret will be felt by Garnett Local once they experience the inevitable backlash over this story.



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