Loophole in the 2012 Mayan apocalypse found…in 2004!

With all the hullabaloo about the end-of world doom-sayers for 2012, all the theories, planet Nibiru, the Elenin comet, the economic and ecological self-destruction of our society, the ascent to power of the third Reich (or fourth, I lost count), “another” federal election in Canada to be immediately followed by “another” provincial election in Quebec, we needed a way out.

We found one; In 2004 Tibetan monks predicted that in 2012, alien superbeings would sweep down and save the Earth from whatever doom is impending.

This of course creates the following loophole: Suppose that one of the above end-of-world scenarios is set to happen, but that unbeknown to all of humanity, an irresistible arbitrary force, like aliens, either of the half-dozen (or more) recognized Gods in various religions, or Tiger-Blood (TM) was to come down and save us from doom, would we know? Probably not. In my perfect scenario above then, everyone wins; The doom-sayers will be able to continue to advocate that a 2012 apocalypse in fact did almost happen even though all normal people know it didn’t, while all the normal people will have no real way of determining whether it did, in fact almost happen, or not.

For the record, I wouldn’t feel right about this article if I didn’t mention that the monk’s predictions of some of the current political uproars, were alarmingly precise, seven years in advance.

Nevertheless, there you have it, we can all stop worrying about it, in 2012, the apocalypse will almost happen, but will be countermanded by Tiger Blood.

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    In other news, Tibetan monks understand the “Deus Ex Machima” trope.

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