ISRO discovers a giant underground cavern on the moon!

It would appear that in just over three years, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has disclosed more information than NASA in over 40 years of space exploration, as the Indian Space Research Organization have reported the discovery of a 1-2km wide hollow lava tube, almost perfectly horizontal and quite ready to accept human astronauts and equipment.

This cavern could allow astronauts to be shielded from radiation, as well as the extreme temperatures and dust that plague the surface of our satellite. I just want to remind our readers that on the moon, the temperature can reach -180°C at night, and as much as 130°C during the day. How did our astronauts survive you’ll ask? Well, since there is no atmosphere on our moon, the only way heat can be accumulated is by direct radiation from the sun, in which case, any bright surface (or clothing) will dissipate this heat quite easily.

The picture above, taken by the Lunar Renaissance Orbiter in 2009, shows what appears to be a collapsed part of the cave and was released by NASA shortly after the announcement by ISRO.

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