Mexican Teen goes on Hunger Strike for Royal Wedding Invitation

Estabalis Chavez outside British Embassy in Mexico City

People are hungry to see Prince William wed Kate Middleton but probably not as hungry as 19-year old Estibalis Chavez. The Mexican woman went on a hunger strike after being told she couldn’t get an invitation.

Losing 17 pounds during her protest outside the British Embassy in Mexico City, Chavez says she became interested in the wedding after learning her mother liked Princess Diana. Chavez’ mother died when she was born.

Although she didn’t get an invite she did get money for the flight to London from a wealthy Mexican lobbyist by the name of Octavio Fitch Lazo who says he was moved by her determination.

“It moved me to see that no one understood her very well… I think she was right to fight for what she wants.”

Chavez says people thought she was foolish.

“[People] said I risked my health for something many believe to be frivolous and silly. But, I think that for me, it was the only way to achieve my goal.”

Chavez will have to stay outside Westminster Abbey during the wedding, unless the royals decide to feed her will a little more and grant her wish.

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