10-year-old wrestles 6-foot alligator before capturing it and dragging it home

The alligator in question...

In the annals of awesome kids stories, this has to rank at or near the top.

This little scamp with the Justin Bieber haircut is Michael Dasher of Rockledge, Florida.  Michael was out fishing with some friends when he inadvertently snagged a 6-foot alligator.  While most kids (and adults) would run off in terror at the site of a very large gator, Michael did pretty well the opposite of that—he attacked the reptile with sticks, even rode on it’s back like a mini pony, before subduing and dragging it home.

Before you go all animal cruelty on me, the gator did start the ruckus by charging at Michael and his friends, so the 10-year-old should be considered a hero—a totally badass hero at that.

From WTSP.com

Michael said the alligator ran at him, so he started hitting it with sticks. He said at one point he jumped on the back of the beast.

Michael was somehow able to capture the animal, which wildlife officials measured at 5 feet 9 inches long, and drag it home without getting seriously injured. He did have a few minor scratches on his hands and arms.

His grandfather, Benjie Cox, said when he saw the alligator in the front yard he called the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and wildlife officials.

The alligator in question...

Most people would consider wrestling an alligator, at age 10 or otherwise, to be a pretty cool endeavor.  Not Cox, nor the wildlife officers who were summoned to pick up the subdued gator.

Cox said after he gave Michael a stern talk about what he had done, the officers gave him one, too. He said they told him that if he was older, he would have been arrested and charged with a felony.

Weak.  This kid took on a gator twice his size and won—he deserves a plaque, or a statue, not some lame lecture from a bunch of tight ass adults.

Rock on Michael…rock on with your bad self.


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