Computers that will dictate our food intake are coming!

In a sad display of big brotherism, five San Antonio elementary schools will photograph students’ lunch trays before they sit down to eat, and later take a snapshot of the leftovers. The project, is sponsored by the US Dept. of Agriculture, and it’s supposed to help in determining the calorie intake of schoolchildren.

I don’t like it.

Although I see the point in measuring the calorie intake of a person, the program fails to take into account how much exercise said person gets, and also, is not calibrated for more “particular” metabolisms. Take, for example, someone like me. I’m 6′, never weighed more than 155lbs, and although I walk more than average during most days, once I get home I do have a more sedentary lifestyle. However I literally eat like a pig. Seriously, I have three or four complete meals per day on most days, eggs every morning, with toast and plenty of butter, I love meat and potatoes, even barbecued bread, pasta, chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, you name it, I’ll eat it. For every decade that goes by, some doomsayer, usually a clearly jealous lady, will tell me: “You better watch it now that you’re into your 40s, that’s when the real weight starts piling up…”

Right. Been there when I turned 30, and 40. I gained exactly 5lbs in the last 18 years so the results of putting me on a calorie watch program would be similar to the results taken by an alien ship that landed on earth to study our way of life, and landed on a tropical resort where people go spend a week or two per year, lazy around getting their respective testicles roasted in the sun, are drunk by 10AM and have no other function than consume food and drink.

Or if the only TV show they see in space is Glee or worse; The News. It would be catastrophic.

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