Fake Navy SEALs outed on website

fake seal

See? He's not wearing the standard issue boots. That's a dealbreaker, ladies.

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s demise at the hands of the once-copyrighted SEAL Team Six, the number of men on dating websites claiming to be US Navy SEALs has skyrocketed, and not surprisingly, there are now more SEALs on dating websites than actually exist in real life.

Evidently, most are fairly obvious: Being a SEAL requires the best physical regimen possible, and any semblance of flab or unhealthy eating habits should be a red flag.  But for the more persuasive cons, stolenvalor.com takes note of every military wannabe, includes aliases and crowdsourced behavior patterns, and even records cases prosecuting former servicemen for claiming to have an unearned honor or medal.  [Source; Image]


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