Man with 12 Fake IDs BUSTED

It’s a real life Bourne Identity.

Police have arrested a man carrying 12 fake id’s at a Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley International Airport – however they still don’t know who he is.

The suspect originally gave police a Texas driver’s license but didn’t get his birthday correctly on the first try.

Trying to flee, Mr. Unknown tossed his wallet which had fake ID’s from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Florida.
Captured outside the airport he’s been charged with forgery and tampering with public records as John Doe. He’s being held on $250,000 bail.

If people knew who he was maybe he’d get out. Or maybe he really doesn’t know who he is. Oh the suspense… oh the thrill… oh the hopes we’ll find out more as the story unfolds. [Chron| Image]


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