Man faked brain injury to get diaper changed [allegedly]

Police allege that a 23-year-old Massachusetts man faked a brain injury to trick a nurse into changing his adult diaper.

Police say that Eric Carrier’s in-home nurse, who had been recruited by way of Craigslist, became suspicious after Carrier exposed himself to her at changing time.

It is alleged that Carrier posed as his father in the Craigslist ads, which indicated that he needed help caring for his son who had suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident.

Hooksett Police Detective Janet Bouchard was blunt:

He had no disability. He wasn’t in a car accident.

Bouchard explained that the alleged incident occurred after the nurse arrived for the first time – to find Carrier at home without his “father”:

(The nurse) stated that because the father wasn’t home, she decided she didn’t want to leave him without a clean diaper.

He exposed himself and it caused alarm to this nurse. He brought her there under false pretenses.

It was not Carrier’s exposure that aroused the nurse’s suspicions so much as what happened after the alleged incident. The nurse went home from the unfortunate encounter, which had taken place at what was supposed to be an introductory meeting, and waited for Carrier’s “father” to call and schedule a future appointment. He didn’t and she called the police.

Eric Carrier has since been charged with indecent exposure and is scheduled for District Court arraignment in three weeks. [Union Leader]


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