Man has entire house stolen

Jeffrey LaForest a 43 year old Southgate Ontario man was charged with stealing a house. An entire house. Yep. The whole thing. Granted it was a mobile home, still. That has got to be a record of some kind. The largest unmoveable object to be stolen.

He was also charged with uttering a forged document to try to convince police that he owned the building. This puzzles me in many different ways. For instance, how? What was he going to do with the house? It’s not like you could resell it, although with enough forged documents, you might be able to sell it, in Newfoundland, perhaps to a Belgian man. Although, probably not.

Also, would the house not have been hooked up to say, plumbing and electricity? How exactly does that work? Does one simply “unhook” the house from the sewers and main water line and then hook it back up on its new location? If so how does the billing work?

This could give birth to a whole new TV series, Holmes on Homes meets CSI; CSHH: Southgate.


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