Paula the Octopus up to replace Paul the Octopus, predicts Canada will win first Women’s World Cup match

With the Women’s World Cup around the corner, Germans are searching for the next future predicting octopus since Paul the Octopus died last October.

For those who don’t remember, Paul correctly predicted the winner of every game Germany played during the Men’s World Cup last year.

Well, there are 8 ink spewing, tentacled fortune tellers being tested to take his place and Paula is one of them. And Paula’s prediction last Friday from her home in Konstanz, Germany is a long shot.

The octopus, whose sex isn’t knows, has predicted Canada will beat Germany in the opening match. Considering Germany is looking to win it’s third World Cup title in a row and has beat Canada in the last 9 games they played saying it’s a long shot is an understatement.

Only time will tell if Paula’s prediction is right. If it is one thing’s certain – gamblers will be watching very closely as she picks the mussel from the box. [Telegraph]


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