New tribe discovered in Brazil’s Rain Forest

Wonders of the world never cease to amazing me… get this… a new tribe of people who’ve never been exposed to the outside world has been discovered in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

The discovery came from the government’s Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI.

Pics from planes flying over the Javari Valley in the western Amazon for the village, on the boarder with Peru. It’s thought there are 200 people living there who grow corn, bananas, peanuts and other crops.

It’s amazing to think we’re still finding civilizations that are away from everything we know… cell phones, tvs, shopping malls… and you have to wonder if making contact with them would be a good thing?

Right now FUNAI say they won’t contact the tribe and will monitor the land so they will remain undisturbed. Officials also say the biggest threat the tribe have is from illegal fishing, hunting, logging, mining, cattle ranching, missionary actions… and drug trafficking.

For the record, the Javari Valley is thought to have the highest concentration of uncontacted tribes in the world, roughly 2,000 uncontacted Indians there.

But if scientists do decide to make contact with the tribe that is the end of their world as they know it. No disputing that at all… and really, who are we to think they want to live in the world we know?

A good reason to stop cutting down the Rain Forest… just sayin’. [Newslite; LiveScience]


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